Chicken or the egg dilemma: tools or analysis, what does come first?

We need to install the tool X, said the CEO. How much does it cost, asks the CFO. Why do we need it, asks the analyst. There is not a best-tool-for-everything. Your own and unique context should determine the right […]

Using data effectively. I bet you don’t!

Every company has data. Every company understands (or should understand) the value of data. But, are you using data in an effective way? According to FORTUNE, in a post early this year only 27% of C-level executives think their company […]

Bed & Breakfast Analytics: The 10 Motivations and the 10 Foundations

We are surrounded by data. What can we do with that? For what? How? What can we expect and what not? What are the common errors? Size matters? Open source or commercial tools? Here you should find some tips to […]