New course: Google Analytics for beginners.

The essence of training is to allow error without consequence. Orson Scott Card. At Ducks|in|a|row we are excited. We are about to offer our very first course: Google Analytics 101. This course is intended to cover the first contact with […]

Chicken or the egg dilemma: tools or analysis, what does come first?

We need to install the tool X, said the CEO. How much does it cost, asks the CFO. Why do we need it, asks the analyst. There is not a best-tool-for-everything. Your own and unique context should determine the right […]

Beyond selling products: listings and GA’s enhanced e-commerce

Sell more. More bookings. Leverage the best-sellers. Everywhere. Is it the right tactic? Probably there is something smarter you can do to sell better. I’m one of those still subscribed to many newsletters. Today I open one of them, from […]

Using data effectively. I bet you don’t!

Every company has data. Every company understands (or should understand) the value of data. But, are you using data in an effective way? According to FORTUNE, in a post early this year only 27% of C-level executives think their company […]

The broken pyramid. Or the hungry hungry hippos game.

I already heard this story too many times: why do I need to hire analysts if we can build awesome dashboards with this amazing-and-expensive tool? With this mindset, your company will start to play the hungry hungry hippos game. Ask […]