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It is not just about tools and products but about a team and their data-driven business knowledge

  • Optimizers who boost efficiency of your most relevant bussiness processes.
  • Data Engineers who manage high variety sources and data volumes.
  • Business Analysts who uncover patterns in data.
  • Data Scientists who ask right questions.
Strategy & Operations


Tonyo González – Partner and Chairman
After getting his Bachelor degree as Materials Engineer and MBA, he always worked in the Operations & Supply Chain area for Procter&Gamble, Hewlett Packard, etc. He got 10 years experience as Management, Processes, and Systems Director at Everis, being responsible for the Retail Business unit. He built a transverse profile: strategic, operational, and technical, and the exposure to different customers experienced him on all components: R&D, Product Development, Production, Distribution, Customer Care, Finance, etc. . He is open to develop new business models, opportunities, and ways of optimizing processes, both to grow or to make lean a complex operation, helping customers to reach their profitability targets.




Laura López  – Partner and CEO
Computer Science and Electronics Engineer at Universidad Simón Bolivar, Master in Logistics (APICS) and PDD IESE 2004. Experienced at Petroleum Industry at Venezuela, working as a Project Leader on systems development for the production and extraction areas, getting specialization on process statistical calculation. 5 years as Consultant at Andersen Consulting in the Manufacturing area, leading projects as the Layout Design for the Manufacturing site of SEAT and the Systems Plan and CIO for Port Aventura. Working within the IT Services sector, was Commercial and Marketing Director of GEDAS, and Regional Director of NEORIS. Most recent experience as COO of an Investment Group, working of different projects on the Security and Intelligence sectors.

Digital Analytics & CRO


Jordi Rosell – Partner, COO and CTO
After obtaining his Associate’s degree on Computer Science at the Polytechnical University of Catalonia (UPC) he started working as an analyst, systems administrator, and systems architect at Everis. He has developed his professional career as an online marketing consultant, both in agencies and a freelancer. He is currently instructor and lecturer in Conversion Rate Optimization and e-commerce. Jordi is strongly focused on research, analysis, and optimization of the purchasing experience, always from the customer’s side, including off-line experience, pre-click, post-click, and recurrence. As chief of technology he is open to new projects related to digital transformation at all leves, for small, medium, and big companies.

International Marketing Consulting


Bri Barragan
More than 20 years’ experience leading business units and projects in: international sales and distribution, marketing, customer satisfaction, logistics accountability, multilingual call centres, forecasting and supply planning.


UI designer, Frontend devolper


Lucas Marabotti
After earning a Graphic Design degree at the University of Buenos Aires, he began his professional career working in the web design and development areas. One of his greatest concerns was the customer’s process of driving traffic to a website, both SEO and SEM, and the experience while browsing the site until conversion. During all this time he has participated in several projects that have allowed him to consolidate the acquired knowledge and improve his abilities. Nowadays Lucas continues with the same entrepreneurial spirit and keep developing his skills in the user experience sector, applying different methodologies with the latest trends and innovations in design and analytics to make significant improvements during all the process of the user experience.

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