Reporting and visualization of data in business intelligence tools

Visualization of data is the presentation of data and analysis so that decision makers can understand difficult concepts or identify new patterns.


With our broad experience in Business and Data we identify the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for each sector, department, and stakeholder. We use all the available data to construct them in a meaningful way in order to have a clear vision of your performance and to reduce your exposure to the lowest possible levels.

With Data Visualization we manage to represent the information in the most intuitive way in order to achieve a simple, clear, and effective communication, so insights are effectively retrieved. The dashboards are devoted to monitor performance of an area or a department, or to monitor operations and processes for data exploration purposes. They can be a high-level KPI representation of the business devoted to understand changes and to react as quick as possible if necessary. Several charts, maps, alarms, scatter plots, etc., can be used. There is always a best-representation working for everyone. Our goal is to find yours.

Having the information available and intuitively represented, however, is not enough. Information (and not only data) must reach the decision makers. In this sense we are able to implement a reporting strategy with which the information reaches the right person in the right format and at the right timing (not necessarily real-time-data but right-time data). Besides, reports and information must be analyzed in order to extract actions out of them.

This can be achieved with a traditional Business Intelligence solution (with or without Data Warehousing and ETL processes), with SaaS tools, or with manually distributed information. Budget, amount of information, and empowerment needs will tell us which solution will fit the best.

As an example, we can list the following applications:

  • Sales Information
  • KPI definition and calculation
  • Business and operations performance
  • Dashboard conceptualization, building, and distribution
  • Operative Dashboards
  • Tactical Dashboards
  • Automatic distribution of reports information
  • Business Intelligence tools implementation
  • SaaS tools set-up
  • Financial consolidation
  • Targets alignment
  • Campaign performance
  • Ad-hoc reporting​

​To fulfill these services we rely on the best-of-class business intelligence tools and reporting tools, such as:

  • QlikView
  • QlikSense
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Domo
  • Pentaho
  • MicroStrategy
  • Business Objects
  • RJMetrics
  • Klipfolio