Operations Outsourcing and Optimization and Strategy Alignment

Business Operations engineering (and re-engineering) is not, frequently, a craftsman labor where the Process owner imagines the best way on how to deliver both effectively and efficiently an output out of the operative process. Normally it is the result of a deep analysis on the business parameters to decide the resources involved, the tools to be used by the resources and the necessary steps to complete it. We call it data-driven business process engineering, where the different combinations of process’ inputs and outputs are giving us the insight necessary to design the best way to deliver the results out of it.


This is also true for the Business Strategy (re)-formulation and alignment throughout all business areas: probably the first Business Value Proposition is coming from the inspiration from the Entrepreneur or the Business Unit Responsible, but, for sure, the evolution is coming out of the adjustments done after looking the results and analyzing how them are influenced by the different parameters around the business. Again, data-driven business strategy (re)-formulation and alignment.

We are able to find hidden paths to both process efficiency and effective strategy re-formulation based on the business KPIs and other sources analysis. ​

As an example, we can list the following optimization strategies:

  • Cost savings on Purchasing/Logistics/Distribution without decreasing Service Level Agreements
  • Distribution network optimization
  • Marketing/Trade marketing spends optimization
  • Inbound/Outbound Customer Care Center optimization: calls, live chat, emails, and social networks
  • Payments optimization: payment methods mix adapted to the business, risk management
  • Back/Office optimization and administration flows optimization: from product/service to cash in
  • Business optimization on seasonal products/services: balance between in/outsourcing activities to deliver optimal results

​To fulfill these services we rely on the best-of-class tools, such as:

  • jBMP
  • Bonitasoft
  • Intalio
  • ProcessMaker
  • Activiti
  • OpenERP
  • Navision
  • SugarCRM