Training and Empowerment

Data without analysis or the right context is like driving a very powerful car (imagine a Ferrari) without knowing where to head. The best tools (BI, UX, or Digital Analytics) can bring a lot of insights if they are properly driven. For instance, having data extraction automated via a complex Data Warehouse and the implementation of a BI tool without having the right context or the capabilities to analyze such data is no more than a report generator. The success comes when all the stakeholders (from the data analyst to the CXO going through the business analysts and Product owners) are aligned on the actions that data hides. The challenge then is to combine three factors: tools, techniques, and people.

Training and empowerment can go into different directions:

  • Business Intelligence: technical implementation and dashboard/reports design
  • Data Mining: the best-of-class tools and techniques
  • Strategy and operations: how to define a business plan, how to establish goals, and how to design operations to make them possible
  • Digital Analytics: how to implement a tracking tool? How to work with a tag manager?
  • Data processing and ETL: how to implement a Data Warehouse? How to design data flows?
  • Business and Data Analytics empowerment: how to extract data? How to clean it? How to work with it?