Web Analytics, CRO and Digital Marketing Optimization

Data-driven marketing optimization is an analytical approach to marketing that values decisions that can be supported with verifiable data. The success of the data-based approach depends on the quality of the data collected and on the effectiveness of its analysis and interpretation in order to optimize the results of marketing.


With Conversion Rate Optimization we are able to improve the performance of your website and apps, mainly driven by insights coming from digital analytics and user feedback. This results in increasing sales, leads or any other goal (depending on the nature of the website or app) by mostly taking the existent traffic and making the most out of it.

With a digital analytics tool we keep track of users and their behavior: where they come from, their destination within your website or app, or the navigational patterns through the different contents. The content analysis allows us to identify where the greatest potential is and what should be improved to achieve the stated goals and objectives.

As part users’ quality measurement, traffic sources is a key point. By segmenting the different traffic sources we are able to implement the best model for budget allocation (Campaign attribution).

By defining and implementing a measurement plan we give a context to the tagging of your website or app. This allows us to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT analysis) that will later result in goals and objectives, and will point towards which segments of users we should address with specific contents and messages inside and outside the website or app (Omnichannel approach).

Once the opportunity or the threat has been detected, and A/B or multivariate test is proposed. With this, we are able to show two (or more) different versions of a content or a website process to different segments of users and then check which one performs better. This technique allows us to take data-driven decisions while neglecting seasonal and other effects.

We now proudly announce that we have become partners of Visual Website Optimizer, one of the most used and simple A/B and multivariate tools in the world.

As an example, we can list the following applications:

  • Measurement plans
  • Multichannel data management
  • Campaign attribution
  • Quick-wins analysis
  • Device attribution
  • Alarms systems
  • Tag Management
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Personalization
  • Recommendation systems

​To fulfill these services we rely on the best-of-class tools, such as:

  • Google
    • Google Analytics (360, Classic, Universal, Enhanced Ecommerce, Measure Protocol, etc)
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Google Optimize
    • Google Data Studio
    • Google Bigquery
    • Google Adwords
    • Google Firebase
    • Google Play
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Google Apps Scripts
    • Google DoubleClick Campaign Manager
    • Google DoubleClick Bid Manager
  • Adobe
    • Analytics Analytics (Omniture)
    • Adobe Dynamic Tag Management
    • Adobe Workspace
    • Adobe Reports & Analytics (Omniture SiteCatalyst)
    • Adobe Data Workbench (Omniture Insight)
    • Adobe Data Connectors (Omniture Genesis)
    • Adobe Marketing Cloud Suite
    • Adobe Audience Manager
    • Adobe Experience Manager
    • Adobe Media Optimizer
    • Adobe Target
  • Qualitative analysis tools (user experience research methods: remote usability tests, surveys, visitor recordings ,heatmaps, etc)
    • CrazzyEgg
    • Clicktale
    • Hotjar
    • Yandex Metrica
    • Qualaroo
    • iPerceptions
    • SurveyMonkey
    • UserZoom
    • UsabilityTools
    • UsabilityHub
  • Testing tools (A/B testing, multivariate testing, synchronously, asynchronously, client-side, server-side, proxy, etc)
    • Google Optimize
    • Adobe Target (Omniture Test&Target)
    • Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)
    • Optimizely X (Optimizely classic)
    • Convert Experiences
    • Unbounce
    • Sitespect (intercept method)
    • Oracle Maxymiser
    • Qubit
    • Monteate
    • AB Tasty
  • Other digital analytics tools
    • Segment
    • Facebook Analytics
    • Adjust
    • Clicky
    • Piwik
    • Webtrekk
    • Kissmetrics
    • Mixpanel