How to use .R files on Google Colab?

If you don’t know, on Google Colab you can have free notebooks for programming on the cloud. All you need is a desire to learn and, of course, a Google account. The main advantages are: You start programming without wasting […]

Google App Script Tutorial: Example of html form and Google Spreadsheet database

Traditionally, web applications have been implemented in client-server infrastructures. The paradigm has been to have our own servers that receive requests from our users’ browsers. With the increasing use of javascript frameworks, more and more websites are being implemented as […]

Why do online testing and what kind of testing tools you can use

The digital environment provides businesses with a very convenient opportunity to quickly evaluate ideas using controlled experiments. The aim is to carry out experiments using the scientific method: observing the effect of the changes in the behaviour or opinion of […]

Connecting Google Analytics to Power BI

When Google Analytics is connected to Power BI, the power of visualizing Google Analytics’ data into Power BI appears. It is a very powerful way to analyze the traffic of a website from different point of views and with distinct […]

Let’s be Agile

In 1970 Alvin Toffler published Future Shock. In this book he highlighted the accelerated nature of scientific and technological progress and stated the hypothesis that under this kind of change, in a few decades, individuals and societies would simply be […]

Google Data Studio: got problems with MySQL? Take good care of your time zones.

We love tools. We love data visualization. We strongly believe that data visualization should not be expensive, so we’ve wondered whether Google Data Studio could be, at some point, one of the leaders in the market such as Qlik, Tableau or PowerBI. We are […]

Define your reporting strategy for the actionability

Actionability is the characteristic of being actionable. It expresses the idea that action can be taken, which can be used as a basis for taking action Reporting for actionability: Giving context to our data “Focusing on the most actionable part […]

User centricity: the biggest challenge in digital analytics and marketing.

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. Sam Walton. The sentence is nothing but true. It’s simple and responds to […]

New course: Google Analytics for beginners.

The essence of training is to allow error without consequence. Orson Scott Card. At Ducks|in|a|row we are excited. We are about to offer our very first course: Google Analytics 101. This course is intended to cover the first contact with […]

Chicken or the egg dilemma: tools or analysis, what does come first?

We need to install the tool X, said the CEO. How much does it cost, asks the CFO. Why do we need it, asks the analyst. There is not a best-tool-for-everything. Your own and unique context should determine the right […]

Beyond selling products: listings and GA’s enhanced e-commerce

Sell more. More bookings. Leverage the best-sellers. Everywhere. Is it the right tactic? Probably there is something smarter you can do to sell better. I’m one of those still subscribed to many newsletters. Today I open one of them, from […]

I want to measure everything. I want it all. And I want it now.

The most-heard sentence from Managers: we must measure everything. However, this is far from being true. Not everything must be measured. Lets imagine you own a business. An e-business. Maybe successful, maybe not (yet). You are in the moment in […]

Using data effectively. I bet you don’t!

Every company has data. Every company understands (or should understand) the value of data. But, are you using data in an effective way? According to FORTUNE, in a post early this year only 27% of C-level executives think their company […]

The broken pyramid. Or the hungry hungry hippos game.

I already heard this story too many times: why do I need to hire analysts if we can build awesome dashboards with this amazing-and-expensive tool? With this mindset, your company will start to play the hungry hungry hippos game. Ask […]

Bed & Breakfast Analytics Foundation #1: Burn the silos!

We are surrounded by skilled people. We are also surrounded by unskilled people. How do we manage such diversity? How can we be sure that our Data setup is the one you need? Discover my thoughts throughout this post, being […]

Bed & Breakfast Analytics: The 10 Motivations and the 10 Foundations

We are surrounded by data. What can we do with that? For what? How? What can we expect and what not? What are the common errors? Size matters? Open source or commercial tools? Here you should find some tips to […]